Swuex Protection Fund

Your Security, Our Priority

Our mission is to inspire the world to embrace cryptocurrencies. In order to provide investors with a safe and secure trading environment when trading on our platform, Swuex is committed to maintaining an emergency insurance reserve of $200 million for our users.

*Based on opening prices of July 26, 2022.



Our wallet addresses are made publicly available to demonstrate the importance of transparency and integrity on Swuex.


The protection fund contains a significant portion of USDT stablecoin to reduce volatility and Swuex will continue to monitor the size of the fund in order to ensure the fund size remains adequate.


The Swuex Protection Fund is entirely self-funded. As such, we are able to efficiently cover any loss to our users’ funds without external bureaucracy.


1. Who benefits from the Swuex Protection Fund?
2. Who is not covered in the Swuex Protection Fund?
3. How do I make a claim?

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Your assets are insured by the Swuex Protection Fund